Two Way Messaging

Easy! It’s a software or online platform—like ours—that lets you send and receive messages. Thousands of businesses choose our two-way SMS service to provide support, close deals, and connect with customers. Why? Because everyone knows how to text. So why not reach people with the channel most familiar to them? With Our Company, you can text-enable your current business landline, switch to a number with a local area code, or get a new number just for text messaging.

Improve customer engagement with 2-Way Messaging

Using a dedicated virtual number for your business, you can receive text messages from anyone, anywhere and at any time. Your customers have the unique advantage of being able to text you directly whenever they want throughout the day, and all for the cost of a standard SMS.

Why use 2-Way-Messaging?

2-way messaging is a powerful way of communicating and building relationships with your existing client base. With 2-way messaging, you can also easily interact with prospective clients that have responded to your campaigns and engage with leads in real time conversations.

Choose Between a Long Code or Short Code Number

Grow Your Reachability at Minimum Cost

  • Long Number Long numbers are cheaper to use than short codes and allow you to receive replies and phone calls from customers from international destinations.
  • Dedicated Short Code A dedicated short code is dedicated to your brand. Choose between a random short code or opt for a vanity short code and choose the number you want to use.
  • Shared Short Code A shared short code is is a more cost-effective solution. You'll be assigned a unique SMS keyword, but you will share the short code with other businesses.

Two way Messaging Benefits

  • Unique - A virtual number assigned specifically to you.
  • Convenient - you can receive replies through a variety of channels
  • Interactive - allows for easy 2-way communication with anyone
  • Non-binding - you can cancel your virtual number at any time
  • Flexible - can be used in conjunction with our SMS Gateway
  • Cost-effective - all incoming messages are free

Start Global Conversations With Two-way SMS

Two-way messaging starts with either a dedicated or shared short code or a long number. Enabling Two-way messaging via short codes and long numbers will allow your business to receive messages and replies from your customers at minimum cost to start meaningful two-way conversations.

Communicate your number for customers to reach you on, enabling real-time interaction and enhancing the customer experience.

  • Improve your service or business with surveys
  • Gather votes for any voting campaign
  • Allow donations for your charity
  • Receive instant responses from customers or leads
Two way SMS